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Derviš M. Korkut: A Biography is the life story of the man famous for rescuing the Sarajevo Haggadah during the Second World War. Born in a religious intellectual family, Derviš took part in important historical, cultural and political events during the inter-war period and during the Second World War. He was a linguist and a profound intellectual. He and his wife Servet were proclaimed Righteous among Nations by Yad Vashem in 1994 for saving a Jewish girl during the Holocaust. This publication by Hikmet Karčić, tells the story of a man who lived in hard times surviving two empires, two kingdoms, two wars and the Communist regime.

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Autor Hikmet Karčić
Broj stranica 85
Format A5
Korica Mehka
Godina izdanja 2020.
ISBN 9789958235351

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